Updated: July 2023

It’s vital to keep in mind that most air conditioners make some amount of noise while they’re running. However, if loud, unwanted sounds distract you, it may be time to inspect your HVAC system. This article discusses the causes of a squeaking AC and how it can be fixed.

A Missing or Worn-Out Fan Belt

In some ACs, the motor and fan are connected via a belt. The belt may swell and contract as a result of the high summertime humidity. Like the belts on your vehicle or lawnmower, the belt on your air conditioner might stretch or weaken with time. In this case, when the temperature and humidity vary during the day, your air conditioner may screech intermittently.

If you’re using a belt-driven AC system and you hear squeaking while it’s operating, replace the belt. Ensure that you get in touch with a reliable HVAC repair company for efficient repair services.

Worn-Out Fan Bearings on the Condenser

Your air conditioner likely doesn’t have a belt if it is brand new. Condenser fan attachment bearings ultimately deteriorate. Your air conditioner’s loud squeaking is one of the signs of a bigger problem.

In the case of a direct-drive external unit, you will hear squeaking or grinding. This suggests that the fan motor’s bearings have failed and that the motor needs to be changed. If so, the issue has to be resolved right away. Over time, worn bearings may harm the air conditioner’s motor, causing unpleasant air quality.

Blower Fan Failure

The air conditioner’s blower fan is situated behind the evaporator coil. It is located next to the blower (louver). This part helps in circulating cold air.

A damaged blower fan is the most frequent cause of squeaks coming from your air conditioner. If the squeak is coming from within your room and the air conditioner isn’t producing enough airflow, this is most likely the situation. An errant evaporator fan might have a number of reasons. Either the fan motor has failed, it is unclean, it is deformed, or it is completely frozen.

If the fan is dirty or frozen, you can clean it if you trust your cleaning skills. You can also get assistance from a professional. If the fan blades or fan motors are at issue, a professional must fix them.

The Condenser Fan Is Not Working

The condenser fan is situated behind the air conditioner. This fan is situated at the rear of the exterior unit in split-type air conditioners. This fan’s function is to convey the heat generated by the Freon to the environment outside and to assist in dissipating that heat. If the squeaking noise is from the rear of the air conditioner, the condenser fan may be at fault.

The condenser fan collects dirt, filth, and lint while it runs, which might prevent it from spinning freely. The fan’s blades may deform if a foreign item gets caught in them while they are rotating. These might be the source of the squeaking noise coming from your air conditioner. The condenser fan may be cleaned like the blower fan.

Compressor Problems

In addition to these two usual candidates, a failing compressor may be the source of a squeaking sound. Through a rotor and crankshaft, the compressor moves Freon through the coils of the air conditioner. These parts could be the source of the compressor’s screeching noise.

Even while blower and condenser fan issues are more frequent, compressor issues should not be disregarded. Problems with the compressor arise since it is the center of the air conditioner. Any issues would need costly repairs or air conditioner replacement.

Also, the compressor’s lubricating oil could have seeped out, subjecting the parts that weren’t oiled to friction. It can be a removable compressor or a loose component. The best course of action is to have an expert identify the issue. The most frequent causes of AC compressor failure are listed below:

Electricity Failure

Faulty contactors, cables, and fuses may all contribute to electrical failures. Due to electrical issues that also affect other components of your air conditioner, acids accumulate in your system. Power surges may lead to electrical issues with an air conditioner.

The accumulation of acid and oxidation is often the first symptom of electrical issues with your HVAC system. During a regular inspection, an expert may find acid accumulation and make the necessary repairs before a problem arises.

Obstruction of the Condenser Coils

Condenser coil blockage is often caused by a lack of maintenance. They cannot release heat when they are blocked with dirt and dust, which puts strain on the compressor. In case you keep using your system under these conditions, the compressor can become too hot and cease operating.

The Compressor’s Temperature

There are several causes that might cause overheating, which is a major reason why compressors fail. The compressor will overheat if your outdoor device is in direct sunlight and has insufficient airflow around it. Additionally, high voltages may damage motors and overheat compressors. Compressor overheating, which may result in compressor failure, can also be caused by filthy coils and a lack of insulation.

Faulty Evaporator Motor

The refrigerant will be sent back to the compressor if the evaporator motor in your air conditioner breaks. Due to the displacement of the compressor oil, the system’s lubrication becomes problematic. Over time, it makes the compressor less effective, and it may stop functioning.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If your air conditioner does not have enough refrigerant, you will not be able to chill your house. It’s a frequent misconception that refrigerant levels drop over time. Your air conditioner’s refrigerant is not used up. Low levels indicate that there is probably a leak that has to be fixed immediately.

Reduced system pressure caused by low refrigerant levels makes the compressor work harder. This might lead to the complete failure of the compressor.

Failure to maintain equipment might speed corrosion and cause fractures in AC coils. Therefore, the only way to prevent this problem in the future is through routine maintenance.

Replace your air conditioner rather than try to fix a broken AC compressor. In addition to the compressor costing up to half of what you paid for the air conditioner, labor costs are high due to the difficulty of the process.

Normal Squeaking Sounds

Many appliances generate a little squeak while they are under regular use. The noise will be little and short if there is nothing to be concerned about. You should investigate additional options if the noise persists for more than a few seconds or is louder than “normal.”

To fix any of the problems mentioned above or others, it is better to see a professional. The heating and cooling experts at AirWorks Solutions can repair your air conditioner immediately. We specialize in heating, cooling, duct cleaning, and commercial services. We are happy to provide a range of services to assist you in creating the most relaxing, effective, and practical environment at home or at work. Get in touch with us today for an awesome customer experience. We serve Camarillo and Ventura County.

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