Here in California, we have our fair share of outdoor activities, but when it gets hot, we retreat indoors. If you’re the kind of person that works from home or is taking care of the kids, then you probably spend most of your life inside the house. It should come as no surprise that clean indoor air is a big deal for our health and how we feel overall. The air we breathe inside can affect our lungs, allergies, and even how sharp our minds are. This affects not only you but the rest of your family!

Poor indoor air can lead to issues like asthma, allergies acting up, and other respiratory problems. This can be attributed to dust, pet dander, excess moisture, poor air quality outdoors coming inside, and so on. So what can you do to combat all of it? There are two key tools in your arsenal to fight bad indoor air quality: whole-home air filtration and air purifiers.

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Key Differences Between Filtration and Purification

So what exactly is air purification and air filtration? Is there a difference between them? Let’s deep dive into what exactly these air quality rescuers do and how to determine what’s best for your household!

Air Filtration

First up, let’s talk about air filtration. A whole-home air filtration system’s job is trapping airborne particles. These particles can include dust, pollen, pet dander, and so on. The filtration system acts as a magnet that attracts these pesky irritants and traps them, reducing the amount we breathe. For larger particles, this system is a great investment.

Benefits of an Air Filtration System:
  • Traps larger particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander.
  • Improves indoor air quality by reducing allergens and irritants.
  • Can help alleviate respiratory issues for those with allergies or asthma.
  • Generally more affordable upfront and for maintenance.
  • Simple installation and operation.

The only downside is that when it comes to smaller unwanted irritants like gases, odors, bacteria, and some chemicals, air filtration systems aren’t as good at trapping them. Imagine trying to catch smoke with a net – not so easy.

Air Purification

Air purification, on the other hand, works a bit differently. While air filtration systems capture these unwanted particles, air purifiers trap and eliminate them from the air! An added benefit to removing these particles means that these systems do a great job of ridding your home of bad smells, too.

Often utlizing activated carbon filters and UV lights, air purification systems are easily able to remove gas, odor, bacteria, and other smaller particles from the air. Think of trying to bottle smoke with a jar and a lid. Better than a net, right?

Benefits of an Air Purification System:
  • Targets particles, gases, odors, and even germs.
  • Effective against a wide range of indoor pollutants, including VOCs.
  • Helps create a healthier environment by reducing harmful contaminants.
  • Useful for households with specific odor concerns or immune-compromised individuals.
  • Some models offer advanced features like UV-C lights for added germ control.

But with great power comes a couple of flaws. Air purification does have some weaknesses. For instance, it’s not as effective with really large particles and isn’t the best in heavily dusty environments.

Which is Better?

So to recap, if your home is exposed to pet dander, pollen, and dust quite often, air filtration would be a great solution since it works like a big net and easily captures these irritants. In the case of air purification, when it comes to bad odors, bacteria, smoke, or gas – this system would be a better solution.

But any household can be exposed to all of the above when it comes to the causes of poor indoor air quality. So how do you decide what’s right for you? It’s not so much a question of “which is better”, it’s “what is the best solution” – and in that case, a combination of the two is certainly best!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Filtration And/Or Purification

Now, let’s talk about how to decide between air filtration and air purification for your home. There are many factors to consider before making a purchase like this. They can be entirely unique to your lifestyle, members of your family, outdoor environment, and even your finances.

Home Environment

Consider the types of pollutants that are floating around in your home. Do you have pets? Do you live in a highly pollinated area with a lot of flowers and trees? Do you notice your furniture accumulating dust faster than you can clean it? If you find that this describes your home pretty well, then an air filtration system may be your best bet.

On the flip side, if what you notice often is bad odors, bad pollution, or you live with someone with a weakened immune system, then air purification may be a better solution. This system works far better for bacteria, smoke, gas, and so on.

If you’ve got allergies or respiratory issues, purification might be a better choice for you since it tackles more than particles. If you’re more interested in keeping your air generally clean and not worrying about bacteria and small particles, filtration is the place to start.


Another factor, no matter what your situation is – is budget. Whole-home air purifiers tend to be pricier because of their more advanced technology, such as UV lights and more advanced filters. Whole-home air filtration systems are generally more fiscally accessible, depending on the model. So you may need to consider what each investment could do to your wallet.

Consult a Mom-Approved HVAC Technician for Air Filtration and Purification

Ensuring clean indoor air is crucial for our well-being. In most cases, taking a holistic approach is often best. From whole-home air filtration and purification to duct cleaning, humidity control and more – indoor air quality needs to be tackled from several angles for maximum effectiveness. These different products and services all work in harmony to improve the various aspects that make up the quality of the air you breathe.

Consulting Mom-Approved technicians like those at AirWorks Solutions can provide specialized insights and solutions. We’ll help uncover what pollutants are harming your indoor air quality and install the right system for you. We’ll help you choose the right air purification products and services to address your unique situation!

Don’t wait – call AirWorks Solutions today for Mom-approved expert air indoor quality services today!

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