A lack of maintenance, regular use, or just time can lead to the need for HVAC repair in Oxnard, CA. Every time you turn your HVAC system on, vibrations cause various components to shift out of place. Regular wear and tear will also cause some pieces and parts to break down. Common issues that you might run into if you have a furnace are a dirty pilot light or a malfunctioning thermostat.

Furnace repair is essential for keeping the heating system in your Oxnard, CA home working consistently and efficiently. Our furnace repair company can fix furnaces from all major manufacturers, and we work on both gas and electric varieties. If a heat pump is responsible for your home’s heating needs, you might need to worry about whether there’s a refrigerant leak.

Whether you’re looking for furnace or heat pump repair in Oxnard, AirWorks Solutions can help. Our team will perform a thorough inspection to provide you with a detailed assessment of what’s wrong. Not only can we repair the problem in various ways, but we can also offer you some of the best prices around.