colorfil_logoIf you have pets, you know how frustrating it can be keeping the house clean! Regular HVAC filters may purify the air under normal circumstances. However, if your home has one or more pets, you need air filters that can trap pet dander, hair, and odors. For this reason, we recommend Colorfil HVAC filters for homeowners in Camarillo, California.

    Colorfil air filters are designed to capture fine particles and odor from cats, dogs, and other pets. These filters are powerful enough to remove 5x more odors, as well as dander, pollen, dirt, hair, and chemicals. They’re easy to replace and fit almost any HVAC system size.

    Air Filtration Solutions That Work

    How good is Colorfil’s air filter technology? NASA utilizes the air filter to protect astronauts and equipment on spacecraft.

    The filter media is a blend of synthetic fibers coated with a proprietary chemical formula that reacts with the specific chemicals it is designed to capture. It traps the pollutants and changes color, creating a built-in indicator of how dirty it gets over time.

    This design makes it easy for you to monitor the air quality and maintenance needs without guesswork. If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for your home.

    Several features and benefits of the Colorfil HVAC filters include:
    • Designed to filter pet dander, hair, and odors
    • patented color-shift technology™ that indicates how dirty the filter is
    • Endless size and dimension options to fit your HVAC system
    • 5x more filtration capacity than standard HVAC filters

    dog hair

    Say goodbye to lackluster filtration from standard filters and hello to filters that produce exceptional results longer. Finally, you have more indoor air quality control over amine-based compounds, VOCs, pet urine, pet food, and pet hair.

    Order Your Colorfil Filters and Get a Discount with AirWorks Solutions!

    From the moment you install a Colorfil filter in your Camarillo home, you’ll instantly experience cleaner air while protecting your HVAC system and cleaning up after your pet. Changing your filters is easy and helps you save money on your monthly energy bills, too!

    Discover the benefits of Colorfil filters for your home. Use the promo code AIRWORKSCF1 and get a 15% discount on most 2-pack, 4-pack, and 6-pack purchases as an AirWorks Solutions customer! Contact us today for HVAC air filter solutions in Camarillo, California.



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